Applications of G.I.S.

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  1. David Poe

    Apr. 30, 2020

    We have been using GIS for about 20 years. It is the lifeline of our data sharing and asset management.

  2. Michael Clayton

    Apr. 30, 2020

    GIS mapping the services is a major task! We have not tackled this issue yet, however, we really beefed up the requirements for as-built information which we could easily add into the GIS database when we are ready to handle the task. Good topic.

  3. Alecia Patton

    Mar. 21, 2014

    Thanks for the details, David! Our customers are responsible for their service line up to the main or manhole. All I am creating is service connection points. I found a work-around using a tool called Shift Points in Quantum GIS. There is a similar feature in ArcGIS. Here is a link:

  4. Alecia Patton

    Mar. 20, 2014

    I was wondering more specifically how you display them on the map? Televising reports are the only reliable source of data that we have. Some as-built drawings show service connections, but most do not have anything showing services. Currently, I have point locations on the gravity pipe that show the service connection point. However, I can't display the service connections at manholes as points since it would cover up the manhole point. I thought about simply snapping a line between the manhole and house. That would not be spatially accurate, but it could house the data we need. Do you have actual lines that show the entire service line to the house?

    1. David Poe

      Mar. 20, 2014

      If we work on the line we take GPS shots of the bends and clean outs...especially if they take "senseless" paths to the main...had one yesterday...we maintain from the property line to the main if the homeowner has double clean outs at the property line...that makes it a little easier too. Ususally a pretty straight shot from a to b...

  5. Alecia Patton

    Mar. 13, 2014

    We are currently working on creating lateral service connections for our collection system. I was curious to find out how other utilities display their service connections specifically those that are connected at the manhole?

    1. David Poe

      Mar. 20, 2014

      We have integrated out services into our GIS system...we literally pulled them in in, one by one, from As-Built plans and old mylar drawings.

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