Arkansas Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers

The Arkansas Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers is a group of water professionals that have contributed back into the industry excelling in their field and also volunteering their time as a advocate for the treatment and handling of water and wastewater.  Each member can be identified at water and wastewater functions by the distinct golden, round nosed shovel that is displayed on their apparrel.  The Shovel Pin is also adorned with a diamond to represent our great State.   

The AR 5S may induct up to four candidates per year as nominated by their peers.  A candidate should contribute as a committee member, committee chairperson, or be a presenter for AWWA, AWEA, WEF, SWAWWA, or the Arkansas Water and Wastewater Managers Association.  The induction may also include one honorary member per cycle that is a member of WEF, has contributed to our industry in Arkansas, and who now lives outside the State.

The AR 5S was established for the advancement of fellowship and good fun in and for the Arkansas Water Environment Association.


Influent Integrator: Newton White, pH7

Induction Classes:

2020 - To Be Announced...

2019 - Cathy Reed, Vicki Stanley, Tad Bohannon, Cary Beth Lipscomb, Lucy Allen Hon

2018 - Jay Summers, Sam Selig, Michelle Strange, Heath Ward, Bruce Wolfe

2017 - Alecia Patton, JoAnna Brown, Marcia Sherony, Walter Collins, Johnny Lunsford

2016 - Mike Ross, Wes Ivory, Stephen Jeffus, Tom Myers, Ashley Massey

2015 - Chad Cooley, Bob Williams, Tim Tinsley, Chad House

2014 - Tiffany Mallard, Clay Thompson, David Poe

2013 - Sam Zehtaban, Clint Bell, David Jurgens, Larry Oelrich

2012 - Jessica Keahey, Thea Hughes, William Winn, Billy Ammons

2011 - Duyen Tran, Mike Roberts, Stan Miller, Lane Crider

2010 - Aaron Benzing, Lance McAvoy, Chris Enloe

2009 - Louise Hogan, Craig Johnson

2008 - Howell Anderson, Paul Selig

2007 - Suzanne Stair

2006 - Letita Rusch, Jerome Alford

2005 - Newton White, Lisa Gilbreath

2004 - Thad Luther, Jane Hurley

2003 - Darrell Phillips

2002 - Kevin Hall

2001 - Jack Kelley, Roy Reed

2000 - Sharon Taylor

1999 - Tim Cleveland

1998 - Jerry Wayne Kenny

1997 - Al Prieur

1996 - John Jarratt

1995 - Cindy Garner

1994 - Fred Oswald

1993 - Mike Thomason, James Beazley III

1992 - Dan Dawson, Barry McCormick

1991 - Kenneth Johnson, Martin Roy, Rick Barger

1990 - Rick Barger

1989 - Stanley Suel, Reggie Corbitt

1988 - Robert Blanz, Bruce Varner

1987 - No Influent

1986 - Tom Skinner, Harold Hull

1985 - Jim McClelland, Billy Bourlon

1984 - Mike Leurs, Gene Andrews

1983 - Jerry Gardner, Ron Pierce

1982 - Larry Weir, Bill Turner, Frank Murphy, Carl Reams